Scott Marr.


Marr on his work:

All my works use natural pigments made from raw materials like flowers, bark, leaves and berries. One of the things I like best about this is that it means my works contain DNA. Another thing is that my work literally moves with the seasons as different species come in and out through the year.

The breakthrough came as I was letting off steam on a walk through the bush after a particularly frustrating session in the studio. I came across a rotting tree and was fascinated by all the different types of moss and lichen growing on it. I wondered if I could extract any colour from it for my work. I took some home and experimented with it, finally arriving at boiling it down and applying it on my work like a watercolour. The result for me was bliss, everything that I had struggled to achieve in the previous years finally fell into place and I realised that nothing describes an environment better than elements of that environment itself.
duplicated axis mutant
aka rough times

duplicated axis mutant

aka rough times

Ambulance - TV on the Radio

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Listening to this automatically makes you happy (if you’ve ever played the Sims)